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  3. 13.10.2021
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Hello, My name is Evelyn Davies and I am an Escort Girl here in Powai. I am one of the famous model Powai escorts here if you know. I know how to please my men and I want to please you too. Do you want some love from me in the bed? I know you will love to touch my soft body under the sheets. My height is 5’4 and I am a good looking girl. I have a medium figure with round boobs. If you are looking for someone pretty to be with you then I’m here. Do not worry, I will love to spend time with you.

My sexy body is liked by all and they want to see me in sexy designer underwear. Look at my picture and tell me if you like me. My hot boobs are a hot topic in town. I am a tall girl with long and curly black hair. I have blue eyes with pretty pink lips. The waist is small but my hips are round and big. My legs are also long and juicy. If you want to spend time with me then book my service today at a discount.

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